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Fort Worth Fence

Wood Fences

We use high quality, exterior grade materials for a durable and great looking fence. We build these fences board by board so you know they are done right.

Needing a repair?

We do that too, check out some of our work below to see what we do, and how we do it.

Wood Fence Repairs

Sometimes your fence doesn’t need to be replace, just repaired. We do that too. We can do post replacements, repair/replace sections, and gate repairs/replacements. Is your gate sagging and now scraping the ground? Have a few broken posts? Pickets falling out? Hit the Fence Quote button at the top and let’s get that fixed.


Fence Falling Down?

We can replace just the broken sections to make your fence fully functional again.


Posts Broke/Rotted?

We can replace just the broken posts and re-hang the existing fence, or repair/replace those broken sections as well.


Ugly/Broken Gate?

We can repair or replace your wood fence gate and make it swing, latch, and lock like a brand new gate.