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Lawn Service

We make lawn care easy and simple. This is Texas. It’s hot, it’s humid, and the grass grows quickly. That’s why you need a lawn care company that will communicate with you, be reliable, and be affordable.

Park Center

Weekly Service

Fresh Cut Always

Weekly Service will keep your lawn looking freshly cut, always. It has a higher monthly cost, but the result is phenomenal. Your lawn will be cut on the same day each week (depending on weather).

Fort Worth

Biweekly Service

Keep It Tamed

Biweekly Service is our most economical. This is a cut every 2 weeks on a fixed schedule. Your lawn will be cut on the same day on your assigned week (depending on weather).


One Time Service

Cut It Down

One Time Service will be a one time mow to help get your lawn under control. Is your mower broken? Hurt and can’t mow? This is the service for you (depending on weather and availability).

Gleva Real Estate

Specialty Services

Are you a Real Estate Agent needing a listing to be perfect for photos or a showing? We can come and make the property look picture perfect.

Commercial Mowing

Currently we only service residential accounts, duplexes, and small apartment complexes.

If you are needing commercial service we can refer you to a local company who can help.